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First you need to send an email to the >>webmaster<< requesting the Security CODE needed to complete the Registration page of this web site.

Once you receive the CODE via email you will also need the following information to create you account:

*Your GWRRA Membership Number>

Now you are ready to click on the registration link at the top left of our web site.

Fill out the user profile information the user name and password as explained below.

YOUR USER NAME will be your >email address< your PASSWORD will be your Chapter + GWRRA Number

example> you are with chapter PA-V (The default) and your member #123456 than your password will=[ pav123456 ] use lower case letters

example>2 Say your with Chapter NY-R and your member #7654 than your password will=[ nyr007654 ] use lower case letters

Click on the webmaster link button on the top of this page to get started.

Remember after your registration is created you will receive an email to log in and verify your information.

You must click on the link in that email to complete your registration.