Chapter Director History
Chapter Director History



Years as Director

 Woody & Jo Mark(Woody) & Jo Woodfill  2017-Current 
Mike & Shirley Prince  2013-2014-2015-2016
    Denny & Kathy Brillhart 2010-2011-2012
  Doug & Cindy Motter  2007-2008-2009 

Neal & Gail Elliot  



Delone & Pauline Thomas



Ken & Donna Groff 




Richard & Barb Jones




James Cover / Brenda Milberry


April, 5th 1997-Dec 1998 
Chapter Charter
Chapter Charter
Chapter CharterThis is a copy of the Chapter PA-V Charter
What is a Chapter Director
What is a Chapter Director

What is a Chapter Director?


A. Serves as Staff Member to the District Director

B. Is a signatory on the Chapter checking account.

C. Assumes organizational and advisory capacity of the Chapter.

D. Arranges for a place to hold Chapter gatherings and staff meetings.

E. Appoints Members to serve as Staff.

F. Correlates activities and programs through the Staff.

G. Acts as an information link between Members and the District.

H. Sees that a newsletter is sent to all interested participants, other Chapter Directors in the District, the District Director,

Region Director and the GWRRA Home Office in Phoenix at least every 30 days.

I. Makes an annual report to the District Director on activities and an annual report on finances.